We love our furry friends, but sometimes pet dander gets out of control. If you or someone else in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, you might start to think of your Quincy, FL home as a battleground. Fortunately, you can keep pet dander under control with these three useful tips.

Access Control

Unless you want to spend all day vacuuming and dusting your home, consider confining your pets to one part of the house. Keep them out of bedrooms, so their hair doesn’t disturb asthmatics or allergy sufferers at night, and choose rooms with tiled or hardwood floors to make cleanup easier. Pet dander can attach itself to carpet fibers, which makes it more difficult to vacuum. During the spring, fall, and winter, you might even keep your pet outside. However, Florida summers demand air conditioning for your fluffy companions.

HVAC System

Your HVAC system can spread pet dander throughout your home if you don’t keep it under control. Use a high-quality air filter and change it regularly, so you capture most of the dander before it gets distributed throughout the house. Pet dander can quickly clog a filter and reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency. Additionally, you might want us to inspect and clean your ducts. Clean ducts improve airflow and protect you from pet dander.

Take Grooming Seriously

Monthly visits to the groomer can help control pet dander, too. Keeping your pet’s hair short and clean will reduce shedding and help protect you from allergy or asthma symptoms. In between visits to the groomer, brush your pet daily. Choose a spot outside so, you don’t get dander all over your home, then bag the dander and put it in the garbage.

Your pets are part of your Quincy, FL home, but you don’t have to suffer needlessly. If you’re interested in improved allergen control, Central Heating Consultants can help you choose an air cleaner or purifier. Just call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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