How Can Commercial HVAC Maintenance Save Your Company Money?

Your company thrives by keeping customers and employees satisfied. Clean air, proper ventilation and a comfortable work space contribute to a pleasant indoor environment. If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system stops working, it can affect your business. Employee production declines. Customers may be reluctant to stay on the premises. It may also be costly to repair a broken system.

Preventive maintenance keeps your commercial HVAC equipment in proper working order. A well-functioning system uses less fuel to operate and experiences fewer breakdowns. Maintenance also prolongs the life of the system. This saves money on fuel, operating costs and repairs.

Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Lack of maintenance accounts for approximately 50 percent of all HVAC breakdowns. Commercial HVAC systems are often more vulnerable to dirt and extremes of weather. Seasonal upkeep and preventive maintenance help keep complex commercial heating and cooling systems running smoothly.

Inspecting air filters is one of the most important tasks in maintaining a heating and cooling system. A clean filter can reduce energy usage by up to 15 percent. If filters become clogged, air can bypass the filter. The result is dirt being blown into the evaporator coil, which affects heat exchange. Eventually, the unit stops working.

Servicing Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial systems should be inspected at least twice a year, once before the start of the cooling season and once before the start the heating season. A commercial HVAC contractor should check each element, including condensate lines, coils, belts, blowers and thermostats. The electrical system should also be inspected. Inconsistent voltage, frayed wiring and poor contacts can harm a system.

Central Heating Contractors

Central Heating Contractors has provided commercial and residential HVAC services in the Tallahassee, Florida, region since 1955. We service all makes and models of HVAC equipment. We provide 24-hour emergency service for businesses in communities around Tallahassee, including Monticello, Crawford and Quincy.

Call (850) 270-4352 to find out more about how our HVAC solutions help businesses save money, fuel and equipment.

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