4 Dangers of an Unlevel AC Installation in Tallahassee, FL

If you live in Tallahassee, FL, it’s important to install your air conditioner properly. After all, your AC system is a lifeline during most months of the year. An unlevel air conditioner can lead to many problems, costing you time and money. Here are four dangers you’re likely to face when your AC installation is on uneven ground:

Unbalanced Airflow

When an air conditioner is improperly leveled, it can result in unbalanced airflow, reducing the system’s overall efficiency. This uneven air distribution may cause some rooms to become excessively cold while others remain uncomfortably warm, leading to inconsistent indoor temperatures. Moreover, it can negatively impact indoor air quality by enabling higher humidity levels and fostering conditions conducive to microbial growth.

Leaks and Condensation Issues

When an AC installation isn’t level, it can disrupt the condensation drainage process, causing water to pool in areas, which can eventually lead to leaks. Condensation occurs when the cold refrigerant inside your AC system cools the warm air from your home, causing moisture to condense on the coils. Level AC installation would allow smooth drainage of the condensation.

Overheating AC Installation

Unlevel AC installation causes the refrigerant to pool in one area, which disrupts the heat exchange process, causing the system to overheat. Overheating can lead to many issues, from decreased efficiency to severe system damage. In extreme cases, overheating can cause the AC system to fail, requiring costly air conditioning repairs or full replacement.

Increased Vibration

If your service technician doesn’t balance the system during AC installation, it can lead to uneven rotation of the fan blades. As a result, it’ll cause the system to wobble or vibrate more than usual. These vibrations not only lead to annoying noises but can also result in significant wear and tear on the system’s components, shortening their lifespan.

Ensure your service technician installs the air conditioner properly to avoid costly AC repairs and keep your system running smoothly for years. Contact Central Heating Consultants for professional AC installation services and get the job done right. We offer comprehensive air conditioning solutions, including installation, repair and maintenance.

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