Don’t Try DIY Furnace Repairs – Call a Professional!

If the furnace in your Monticello, FL, home isn’t working properly, it’s time to have it repaired. As a homeowner, there are simple tasks you can do to keep your furnace running efficiently. You can change the filters and keep the furnace cabinet clean. But for more advanced furnace repairs, you should entrust a professional. Here’s why:

They Have Proper Training

Our professional service technicians have certifications with North American Technician Excellence (NATE), which is the gold standard of HVAC expertise. After extensive testing, NATE-certified service technicians can prove they’re competent in all aspects of HVAC service and installation.

They Have the Right Tools

Furnace systems today are complex and often require specialized tools to repair them. Our service technicians have all the tools needed to fix your furnace when they arrive at your home. There’s no need to spend money on these types of tools that you’ll rarely use.

They Complete Furnace Repairs Safely

Because furnaces use flammable fuel to warm your home, there’s the potential for fire or burns. Our professional service technicians know how to deal with pilot light, ignition and burner issues safely.

In addition, clogged or dirty flue vents can allow carbon monoxide gas to leak back into your home. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas. Therefore, you should leave it to trained professionals to handle any issues with the flue or ignition systems.

They Will Fix Emerging Issues

With regular annual maintenance, our experts can thoroughly inspect your entire furnace system. With a trained eye, they can spot any abnormalities and fix them before they become a problem that may result in a breakdown or the need for a costly emergency repair. Be sure to schedule your maintenance appointment in the fall before you turn your furnace on. But if you haven’t done so, it’s never too late.

Do you need your furnace repaired? Call Central Heating Consultants today for fast and friendly furnace repairs.

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