How Does the iWave Air Purifier Work to Clean Your Air?

For anyone who suffers from allergies or has to manage asthma issues, we know the air in your home can only aggravate situations. Or perhaps you’re just sensitive to odors. If you want to ease symptoms and breathe easier, consider installing the iWave air purifier in your Quincy, FL, home. Read on to learn more about this IAQ devices.

What’s the iWave-R Air Purifier?

Installed in air ducts, the iWave-R safely removes unwanted particles from the air, leaving households with better IAQ. The device’s engineering breaks up gases and pollutants into oxygen, water vapor and other harmless compounds. The iWave-R specifically strips away hydrogen molecules, an essential pathogen for most common bacteria, viruses and other microscopic parasites.

How Does It Purify Air?

Using positive and negative ionization, the device safely purifies the air. A service technician attaches the iWave R inside or outside the ducts of your air handler, and it safely cleans the air and eliminates allergens.

Best of all, the unit requires no maintenance. The iWave-R auto-cleans itself. This makes it the world’s first self-cleaning residential ionization generator.

Why an iWave-R Air Purifier?

By purifying air and creating a healthier environment, the iWave-R is a long-term investment that promises peak performance and no maintenance. It controls pet, cooking and VOC odors. It does this by eliminating bad air particles without impacting ozone or emitting harmful byproducts.

The self-cleaning program uses emitter brushes, and you can set them to activate every day or every 10 days. The iWave-R is universal, meaning its design is compatible with any HVAC system. You can also attach it magnetically to an air handler’s indoor fan.

We recommend the iWave-R for its easy installation, long-term performance and exceptional ability to safely clean indoor air. Contact Central Heating Consultants if you have questions about the iWave-R or other air quality issues.

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