How an HVAC System Can Impact Sleep Quality in Monticello, FL

A good night’s sleep is important if you need to be productive the next day. If you’re feeling tired in the morning, your HVAC system could be responsible. A variety of HVAC issues can impact your sleep quality in Monticello, FL, and it’s important to know what adjustments to make.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Many people sleep better when the temperature is lower, but you should find the temperature right for you. Your HVAC system still needs to keep the temperature consistent for you to enjoy your rest. Inconsistent temperatures can make it harder to fall and stay asleep.

If you feel too hot or cold in the middle of the night, your HVAC system isn’t maintaining the most comfortable temperature. A common reason your HVAC system isn’t keeping the correct temperature is a faulty thermostat. An HVAC professional can inspect your system for the cause. You should also upgrade smart thermostat for comfort, convenience and cost-saving features.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can undermine your sleep with pollutant irritation. You should regularly clean your ducts and change the air filters to keep your system running efficiently. Our HVAC professionals can clean your ducts to keep the indoor air quality at its best.

Poor indoor air quality contains many contaminants such as dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen. The contaminants can give you symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, eye irritation and a sore throat. By installing IAQ devices, you can improve your indoor air and sleep quality.

Loud Noises

An old HVAC system that’s not well-maintained will make a lot of noise and can disrupt your sleep. Different sounds mean different issues with parts. An example of this is a squealing sound, which means the blower motor could have a bad belt.

Humidity Levels

Varying humidity levels will impact your comfort and make it difficult to fall asleep. As the warmer months come, the moisture in the air may increase. If you have condensation on the windows or your home is muggy, you may need a dehumidifier to lower your humidity.

Don’t let your HVAC system impact your sleep quality. If you need HVAC maintenance or repairs to restore your comfort, contact Central Heating Consultants to schedule an appointment.

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