5 Problems With Your AC System That You Should Address

Maintaining your air conditioner is crucial to prevent a breakdown and discomfort in your Tallahassee, Florida, home. To keep your system humming, it’s vital to notice and address problems as soon as they occur. Any problems with your filter, refrigerant, capacitor, compressor or condenser coils could lead to your AC system not working properly.

Clogged Filter

One of the most common problems with AC system is a clogged filter. When your filter clogs, it can restrict the airflow. As a result, your AC system will work harder to push the air through. Make sure to check and change your filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks won’t only cause problems with the function of your system. They can also release dangerous chemicals into the air. Only an HVAC professional should address refrigerant leaks. As a result, you’ll ensure that they’re safely and properly repaired.

Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor helps the motor that powers your AC unit’s compressor. When your capacitor fails, the fans in your AC system will cease working, and you’ll no longer get cool air out of your vents. You may notice other efficiency problems with your system if the capacitor burns out.

Failed Compressor

Your compressor is responsible for applying energy to the refrigerant to propel it through the coils and carry out the heat exchange process. When your compressor fails, your system will no longer cool your house. The refrigerant level can greatly affect the compressor. Too much can cause the refrigerant to return to the compressor and fail, and too little will make the compressor run hot until it burns out.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils can become dirty or damaged due to their exposure to the outdoor elements. This can lead to poor efficiency and premature wear on the components. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance to keep your outdoor unit functioning properly.

If you have any of the AC problems above, contact Central Heating Consultants at 850-270-4352. One of our service technicians will help address your problem and get your AC system functioning properly.

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