4 Reasons To Have Your Ducts Cleaned in Monticello, FL

The air flowing through your ducts cools and heats your home in Monticello, FL. But it also carries tiny particles. Over time, those particles slowly build up in your ducts, getting picked up and recirculated. If duct cleaning isn’t already part of your routine maintenance, here are four reasons to add it this year:

Healthier Air

Ducts collect a variety of contaminants, including dust, dirt, pollen and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). From your ducts, circulating air picks these particles up and carries them back throughout your home. All these can trigger allergies or asthma attacks when they’re circulating in the air.

Aside from dust, your air circulates various particles that may make you sick. Some people find even additional dust irritating to their respiratory systems. Removing the buildup from your ducts reduces the source of many of these irritants.

Easier Cleaning

When these particles blow around your home, they will settle on various surfaces. This means those surfaces will need more frequent dusting to prevent them from building up. Clean air ducts can reduce this chore.

Fewer Repairs

Your system must be able to circulate air freely to do its job properly. Your air filter works to remove many of the contaminants from your air. The more contaminants, the less air can flow through the filters.

With any airflow restriction, your system experiences additional strain, leading to more furnace and AC repairs. Any improvement to your air quality helps reduce preventable repairs to your HVAC system and extends its service life.

Higher Efficiency

As your HVAC system strains, it’ll struggle to effectively heat or cool your space. This causes your system to run longer cycles, with less effect on your air temperature. This loss of efficiency not only reduces your comfort but also drives up your energy bills.

Don’t go another summer continuing to recirculate dust and dirt throughout your air. Call us at Central Heating Consultants to schedule your air duct cleaning today.

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