3 Spring Maintenance Musts for Reliable HVAC Use in Tallahassee, FL

To maximize the performance of your central air conditioner in Tallahassee, FL, during the summer, you must maintain it. When you give professionals the opportunity to service it, you’re more likely to remain comfortable indoors when the summer temperatures reach an average of 93 degrees outside. Here are three spring maintenance musts for reliable HVAC use:


Keeping your system clean is one of the most important factors to HVAC efficiency. Therefore, it’s vital to schedule a maintenance service that includes the cleaning of:

  • Evaporator coils.
  • Condensers.
  • Drain lines.
  • Exterior components.
  • Interior components.

The best way to help an AC system operate optimally is to make sure that no debris is blocking or obstructing its functions. One of our contractors will inspect the area surrounding the unit outside as well as inside. We’ll make sure that every part in your AC system is clean and functioning exactly as it should.


Our service also includes making necessary replacements. Components that may have to be replaced include:

  • Filters.
  • Worn pulleys and belts.
  • Batteries.

If any part is working harder because others are worn out, it’ll cause the unit to break down before its time. Updating to a smart thermostat also improves efficiency.


After a thorough inspection that includes testing the unit, if we find that repairs are necessary, we will give you our suggestions. Standing water is removed, the thermostat is checked and parts are lubricated as preventive measures.

Don’t let a poorly maintained air conditioner impact your health and comfort this cooling season. For more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment today, contact Central Heating Consultants. We’ll complete a comprehensive check of your air conditioning system and rectify any issues. As a result, you’ll enjoy lower cooling costs, reduced risk of breakdowns and a long system lifespan.

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