Top 4 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Finding a reputable HVAC contractor doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are several questions you can ask this type of contractor to determine whether they’re the right fit for your HVAC needs. Here are four questions to ask when searching for an HVAC contractor in Tallahassee, Florida:

What Certifications Do You Have?

Always make sure to hire a contractor with proper licensure and insurance. In addition, ask about any certifications the contractor holds. Those possessing a high level of expertise often become North American Technician Excellence certified.

Do You Install Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems?

An energy-efficient HVAC system can reduce your heating and cooling expenses. When paired with an energy-efficient filter and regular maintenance, you can keep repairs to a minimum and enjoy optimal indoor comfort.

When hiring a contractor, ask about Energy Star equipment and installation. A reputable HVAC contractor will know exactly what you’re talking about. As a result, they’ll be able to guide you on choosing the best energy-efficient HVAC unit for your home.

Do You Offer Products That Improve Indoor Air Quality?

It’s also important to find a contractor who installs and repairs products that improve your home’s indoor air quality. Examples of such products are the CleanEffects Air Cleaner and a Trane PerfectFit reusable air filter. These products improve IAQ by minimizing airborne particles.

Can You Inspect and Repair Ductwork?

Lastly, ask the contractor about duct cleaning and repair services. Ductwork is crucial to your heating and cooling efficiency as well as your home’s indoor air quality. A contractor worth hiring will offer ductwork cleaning services. The contractor will also inspect and repair your ductwork to ensure there are no air leaks.

Central Heating Consultants specializes in a variety of areas related to HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. We also offer indoor air quality and duct cleaning services. Contact us today at 850-270-4352.

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