Uneven Cooling? Here are 4 Possible Causes in Crawfordville, FL

Unless your air conditioner has dampers in the vent that can control the amount of airflow to your rooms, it should cool all your rooms equally. If not, you may need to call an AC service professional in Crawfordville, FL, for help. Uneven cooling can have many explanations. Read on to learn whether it’s your air conditioner or home causing this problem.

Blockage in the Vents

The first possibility that comes to mind is that something in the supply vents is blocking air to particular rooms, keeping them warmer than the rest of the home. What’s more probable is that your air filter, located in the return vent, needs replacing. A filter clogged with dirt and debris will decrease airflow and even put wear and tear on the AC system.

Inadequate Insulation

Make sure you have a good amount of insulation in the attic, especially around the air ducts, because this helps greatly in keeping the cool air inside your home. If one room is warm, the duct leading to that room may not have enough insulation around it.

Leaks in the Ductwork

Many central air conditioning and heating ducts aren’t properly sealed when they’re installed, which leads to massive energy loss. Holes and cracks, which can develop over time, also do their part in letting cool air escape before it reaches a given room.

Oversized or Undersized AC

Whoever took on your AC installation may have put in an oversized or undersized system. If an air conditioner is too big for your home, it’ll cool too rapidly and inefficiently, whereas an undersized AC system may not cool adequately.

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