Why Does My Furnace in Tallahassee, FL, Have a Water Leak?

Just as is the case with other appliances, your furnace can have mechanical hitches, especially if you haven’t serviced it. One of the problematic issues your furnace could have is leaking water. Let’s look at three potential reasons your furnace in Tallahassee, FL, has a water leak.

Leaky Humidifier

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that people spend about 90% of their time indoors. As such, you need to make your furnace functions well to improve your home environment. A leaky humidifier could be what’s troubling your furnace. While most homes in Tallahassee, FL, don’t need a humidifier, even during the winter, some do for a variety of reasons.

Ideally, water passes through the humidifier and gets out as it adds moisture to your home. It could be that your humidifier is leaky or clogged, making water flood in your furnace. A service technician can help mend any issue with your humidifier.

Poorly Designed Vent Pipe

If you have a conventional furnace, there’s a possibility that improperly designed vent pipes could be the issue. The metal flue pipe carries away gases produced during combustion. If functioning well, it should carry the gases outside before they can condense into moisture.

If the flue pipe is too big, it gives too much room for the air to trap the gases condensing inside the pipe. The condensed water then starts to leak from the flue pipe.

Contact an HVAC professional to inspect the diameter and design of your vent pipe. If that’s not where the issue is, they’ll do further inspections until they establish the cause of the leaking.

Issue With Your AC Drain Line

If you notice that your furnace is only leaking when the air conditioner is running, it suggests that your AC system could be the issue. Your air conditioner isn’t only cooling your home but also absorbing moisture from warm air in your house. Clogged or leaky AC drain lines could be the one leaking water, meaning the problem could not necessarily be your furnace.

Are you having any trouble with your furnace or another heating system in your home? Contact Central Heating Consultants for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

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